Something I have noticed just by examining the hits on my blog posts seems to me to be revealing. Four days ago I began with a post each day (about three articles in total) with the word “Alien” in the title. It is not that the articles were not about the Alien impact on man’s thinking; because they were – but. During those days my hits from all sources were about ten times what is normal for me.

So what does this tell us? As I reviewed the content within my titles I find that God is not the drawling card in today’s CoVid world as one might suspect. Prophecy is not even the drawer of readers. I’m sure that there are those who have been drawn to God in an attempt to find answers for the happenings of our day, but the interest still seems to be in what one might think to be more esoteric, with a hint of the ungodly or possibly the satanic.

This understanding, if true across the board, is not a good thing for our world. You see God uses forms of judgment to attempt to turn man’s thinking back to the real source of his being, and when He is ignored; then Biblical truth would tell us that societies do crumble.

Recently I listened to an Andy Stanley message. In it he brought out the fact that our society is witnessing a different trend. Young people are walking away from their roots in the church. James tells us that the world can have a greater attraction for mankind; and in our day we are seeing this truth in action.

If we are not challenging the minds of the young people over whom we have been given an avenue of influence; then chances are we will lose many of them. The battle is today and always has been for the mind.