Truly it is time to assess. So, I want to focus on some of the points that Terry has made in his recent post, and I want to ask just a few questions with some of my own observations and commentary.

This post of his is good, and the following are excerpts taken from it:

“Things on which Christians will be judged at the judgment seat of Christ:

“1. How we treat other believers—Hebrews 6:10; Matthew 10:41–42.

2. How we exercise our authority over others—Hebrews 13:17; James 3: 1.

3. How we employ our God-given abilities—1 Corinthians 12:4, 12; 2 Timothy 1:6; 1 Peter 4: 10….

11. How much the doctrine of the Rapture means to us—2 Timothy 4:8.

12. How faithful we are to the Word of God and the flock of God—Acts 20:26–28; 2 Timothy 4:1–2; 1 Peter 5:2–        4.

What will be the results of the judgment seat of Christ?”

First let me say that I do not want to play the role of God here, but I want to consider these things listed from scripture by Terry. Things which I have cherry picked from his list.

I had before this presented the reality of my own experience with Terry when commenting on his blog.

When I began on WordPress in 2017, I was posting as a Rapture blog, and my posts were about scripture’s teaching based on my book, which concludes that scripture is full of post-Trib. Information. I was also reading other Rapture blogs such as Terry’s at that time. I could not help but comment what scripture stated concerning some of his points where he seemed to ignore these certain scriptures when dealing with his subject.

If you read my blog you know that I teach based on what scripture literally states on this subject. I did the same when commenting on other blogs, but I asked Terry questions concerning those literal scriptures, and why his understanding would be other than what they literally stated? My comments were not allowed in the comments section on any of the posts on which I commented.

I was raised on the pre-Trib teaching to which Terry prescribes. So, I understand it well, I first began to question this doctrine in the 1970’s after I was given strong leading from the Holy Spirit to read and study scripture. I took eschatology courses at Liberty U in the 1980’s. I found the pre-Trib position to be weak in it’s support from scripture.

My challenges to Terry arose strictly based upon scripture, but in response no reasons were extended me, and no answers were given by him other than your position denies the blessed hope, and for this reason, I was accused in e-mails of being a troll trying to build my blog. That was a total miss judgment of my motives, but I was blocked from comment, although I am still able to follow his posts.

I find that Terry at times will write concerning harsh e-mails that he receives from post-trib believers. That fact may be true, but almost never do you find one of these criticisms allowed as a comment on his blog. If you do find one it generally will have no basis of support from scripture. So it then is used in a nice way to show how inept the post-Trib believer is with his own support.

So my questions here then are based on how Terry sees the actions on which we are to be judged at the bema judgment.

My first question is – how do I treat other believers who come to my blog? 2. How do I exercise authority over those others on this blog? My answer to both is that I determined from the beginning that I would not block any comment from anyone claiming Jesus as savior. I do this because we can all learn from each other. I also believe that I should treat others as I want to be treated concerning my/their quest for truth.

3. I want to refresh you on the next of Terry’s things that we will be judged on:

11. How much the doctrine of the Rapture means to us—2 Timothy 4:8.

12. How faithful we are to the Word of God and the flock of God—Acts 20:26–28; 2 Timothy 4:1–2; 1 Peter 5:2–4.

How do I do concerning these? My initial purpose for writing was to get out the literal statements from scripture concerning the timing of the Rapture. The Rapture is not only a fact within scripture, but so too is it’s timing. Scripture teaches it to be post-Trib. The posts of mine located in the “foundational” section of this blog will give you the bases for that statement. There is also a sub heading on Why it is Post-Trib.

Additionally there is no one scripture stating that Jesus will return for the church/His bride prior to the Tribulation. It just cannot be found. The resurrection is taught to preceded the Rapture, but the Rapture is never stated to proceed the Tribulation. The resurrection is the blessed hope for almost all Christian believers. This is because most will have died before Christ will return. We see this evidence spoken clearly in the Revelation.

As you can see below I posted much of what I have written right here as a comment on Terry’s article “Time to Assess”. But should you go there you will see that it was not approved.

In this comment to Terry, I left one point that I had listed here out – “3. How we employ our God-given abilities”

I attempt to use what God has given me in the way of knowledge, wisdom and love for the brethren with my handling of the scripture for their understanding — those who read my posts. I do the same with my comments, but ultimately it is God who knows our hearts, and it is He who will judge us when He comes:

1 Thessalonians 4:14 For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will bring with Him those who have fallen asleep in Jesus. (NASB)

Lord bless you as you seek for the truth. I love Terry, he is a brother closely associated with Olivetree ministries. Jan Markel founded that ministry, she digs into the things effecting our time on God’s time clock. She does a great job on these issues, but even though I love her and because I love her I had long ago sent her the Post -Trib evidence from scripture contained in my book, which I can tell by her emails back to me, that she has if anything only glanced through, but never read for an understanding of my concerns and understanding. In my experience If we truly love the brethren we want to share with them things that God has shown us — even the hard things. Should you find me being harsh or in anyway unloving please let me know. Thank you.