Kanye West tweets he’s ‘running for president of the United States,’ references ‘2020 vision’ | Fox News

My commentary:

Kanye, is/was a Trump supporter, who claims God is behind this.

Is this possible? Should he run he will take with him Trump supporters, one would think. So if God is behind this, why is He, or why might He be?

Jesus stated that — “a house divided against itself cannot stand. Is this God’s time to take down a nation? Why would I even ask such a question?


This country has embraced within it’s laws Abortion — God hates it; Gay everything — God hates everything Homosexual, not the persons, but the sin; The right to vote for righteousness or unrighteousness; 50% of Christians either do not vote or else vote for a candidate who supports these unrighteous laws — God hates it; false religion, placing it on equal footing with Biblical salvation, and honoring it more in its court system — God hates it.

Why would God not be ready to take down such a nation which refuses to repent and turn back to Him.

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