These are all proven in various articles posted on this blog. But more importantly these articles are backed with scripture. My book was written to cause proper consideration of these scriptures. This blog is dedicated to the proper understanding of these scriptures. The scripture calls you to your own study of scripture, it also warns of deception and of scripture twisting. And calls for a right division of the word of truth.

1. EKKLESSIA God’s church is made up of Jew and Gentile we know this from the Apostle Paul. The Olive tree symbolism also proves his point that we Gentiles are added into an entity that the entire nation of Israel was once called to be a part of, and it is an entity that the remnant of Israel remained in even as their fellow Jewish unbelievers were cut off, and we Gentiles were being added. So what entity was it that fulfills all of these purposes for God. Paul calls it the Olive tree, but it must be the called out of God (the EKKLESIA),,of which Jesus spoke. If Israel’s remnant and the added in Gentiles are one as Scripture definitely teaches then they will be raptured as one at the culmination of this age following Israel’s salvation. See ( )

2. The Resurrection is a preplanned event on God’s Calendar. It’s timing in relation to other prophesied events is made clear by many different scriptures. We examine these several within this site. See this post for scriptures proof. ( )

3. If we are the bride of Christ and Israel is also the bride of Christ does that not mean we are resurrected and raptured at the same time?

4. The end of the age determines the time of the resurrection and Rapture.

5. The day of the Lord makes the time of the Rapture clear

6. The message to the seven churches makes it’s timing clear. Read chapter 2 & 3 of Revelation. See what Jesus states concerning Great Tribulation.

7. The historic Church taught it’s timing. There is nothing concerning pre-Trib Rapture in early church writings. Read the Didache. Look it up on line. It’s a short read. Easily read during these times of stay at home self quarantine.

8. The spreading of the Gospel to all nations requires that we be present during The Tribulation, when the gospel is finally spread to all. This was Jesus call to us.

9. The Jews who until the very last days represented only a reborn national Israel, will determine the time of the resurrection as they call on Jesus out of their time of Trouble. They are forced out of their land, and then saved at the end of days following this crying out. (Read: Matt. 24; Romans 11, and Hosea 5:15. & Peters Acts chapter 3 sermon)