As of today

The CoVid – 19 puzzle has many missing parts.

These stats are showing based on today’s map. You can see that Beijing and Shanghai the two major cities of China where Government and Economic Commerce are managed have had little impact from this outbreak. Neither city is locked down, even though around 20% of their cases are not resolved.

Their markets have taken only a minor hit.

Why is this happening as it is. We say we can’t trust their numbers, but what else can we not trust? Is what we cannot trust much more sinister than just the numbers? Why are they not shut down as is the rest of the world? Why are we shut down? Do they have a answer to this virus that they are not sharing?

Will they have even more control over our economy and our citizenry when this virus is finally vanquished? What have they learned about themselves and about us?

About us they know that our media will report whatever they are told. About our government all they need do is get rid of Trump, and place the Democrats in total charge, and we are theirs.

What ever questions Trump asks concerning these puzzling missing parts, the Media turns against him, and at least half of the country believes the media concerning their points.

There are many questions to which answers are needed. Many more than posed here. But will they come and if they come will they be Disseminated; and if disseminated will they be believed?

Are there parallels here to what we are not being told about the prophetic scriptures? The Bible calls for pestilence, wars, one world government, and a one world false religion in these last days, that will occur following a period in the world great growth in world travel, and exponentially increased knowledge. These things having partially happened tell us that we should see sinister forces in place in our time which will bring these things about.

Is what is happening surrounding the politics in our own country directly aimed at bringing about these prophetic events? Is the elimination of Trump what is driving the actions of a Democratic Congress and Governors. This country stands in the way of the progressive agenda, without Trump in the WhiteHouse that resistance is gone.

We the people have become too complacent. We need to get on our knees, and cry out to God for this country, and this world.