Yesterday, I Spoke to my brother, who lives in Delaware not far from Milford, where they have a new hospital complex. My brother is a pastor, and my sister-in-law, who is my sister in the Lord is a quilter. During this pandemic she has been making masks and head gear for the nurses.

Richard my brother told me of a prayer meeting that took place on the parking lot of the hospital. It was a group of Doctors and nurses praying to Our Lord for what is happening there.

This is a time to be bold with our prayers, our faith and witness. We may be now in practice for even tougher times. If we cannot cry out to the Lord now, what will we do when everything is turned on end.

Know that there is a time coming when believers will be able to neither buy nor to sell. May this not be that time. If you cannot cry out to God now, what would you do then?

My brother Richard told me of people in the streets of Venezuela who are on their knees crying to God. Will God hear us in our hour of need; if we do not honor Him now, and cry out to Him now for those who are hurting, and who do not know Him. Are we so out of touch spiritually that we cannot cry for others in this world who are hurting.

If this time has any meaning it must be to awaken us to God’s great blessing in our lives, and awaken us to our selfish tendency toward others.

It may be that it is entirely too late for this nation to awaken, but it is never too late for us individually to call out to God for our sin of indifference, and ungratefulness for all our blessings.

We have had a great bounty heaped upon us, but we have seen that in one act of man that can all change.

Right now you should know that our dollar could be turned to ruin only through the action of a few men in high places in the IMF. Pray that that would not happen. You and I need to understand that when we pray against men in high places that those prayers are ineffective. We are to pray against the principality from Satan who is influencing that person, we are to pray that the person will no longer be influenced by these powers, and that their eyes would be opened to see clearly and to hear God’s Holy Spirit. We are to pray for our enemy in this way. We live in the end of this age. We have a responsibility to God, and He makes us responsible to pray for and to warn our fellow man.