There are several things happening that raise my eyebrows, and should raise yours. Bill Gates, whom everyone knows as Microsoft’s founder is becoming very outspoken on the vaccination of every person when the vaccine for CoVid-19 becomes available. We are also hearing from other sources that microchip technology is to be injected with the vaccine. Is this just speculation? I had earlier seen a video on u-tube which has since been taken down that advocated for this scenario. A microchipped society would easily be monitored with existing 4G and 5G technology today. Will it happen, probably not right away, but virus vaccines would need boosters.

Even Donald Trump, has been unable to avoid workplace stoppage severe enough in this country to wreak havoc. Has the deep state finally hit upon a plan to eliminate the US as an advocate for Nationalism in opposition to NWO. Dr Fauci, who in 2013 was high on the treatment Hydroxychloroqine for SAR’s, but now he is so unsure of its effectiveness. Of course, the Media is backing Fauci over the White House in its usage against this pandemic. It seams as though actions today fly in the face of, and in direct opposition to all common sense. Smart people are advocating for actions almost certain to remove the US from a leadership position on the world stage.

Dr Stephen Smith of the Smith Center for infectious Diseases is currently treating 80 patients in NJ with Hydroxychloroqine and the Z pack, with excellent success. There can only be one reason why this is being fought by the Elite in the media.

Some more liberal Christians are even thinking that prophecy nuts advocating for Endtime events in our own day are capable of bringing these events about as a self fulfilling prophecy, but trouble is, it is not Christians who are making possible these Biblical events. It is the events themselves and man’s actions or reactions to them that make us take pause to reflect. In the meantime Drs are using this treatment in spite of the opposition and it appears that the pandemic is not going to be anywhere near as severe as is being reported. Or is it? — we shall see.

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