Yesterday Oil brought down the markets more than the virus. And today was not a recovery. What is scaring the markets is recession. But a collapsing market will drive recession. And although Possibly most Christians today are looking for Rapture, what we should expect is a possible economic and social downturn which could spark conditions further toward Tribulation.

So, what are those conditions. Social change is happening and is a required condition in the turning of America further against God in the political realm. Then borders will no longer exist, and lawlessness will rule the day.

From an economic standpoint the unemployment; the bankruptcy’s and the Stock markets downturn without a full and timely rebound will lead to recession or worse, with a strong possibility of that pending social change actually occurring within this very decade. Any economic unrest could be the catalyst to bring about an election of a gone crazy Democratic Party. Their rise to power in a time of economic distress could lead to the long awaited by mankind Satanic new world order. This is just how close we are to social and economic upheaval.