I will draw on Terry James again for this article, because he is a well known Dispensationalist author. He says:

“So Satan, obviously insane, though brilliant in his madness, continues on a course he believes will wrest control of planet earth from God Almighty. He knows and believes Bible prophecy, thus–I surmise–uses Bible prophecy to plot his overthrow of God’s Kingdom.”*

These are Terry’s opening remarks in this quoted from article. And Terry may be correct, but it would be difficult to know Satan’s exact involvement. Satan who is the leader of a world gone mad; A world blinded by their own unbelief; A world full of narcissistic characters like unto himself — is an enemy of truth. He is a purveyor of lies.

Terry also states about Satan that:

“He doesn’t know, however, the intimate details of how Bible prophecy will play out. He didn’t know, for example, that murdering God’s Son on the cross would result in Christ’s resurrection three days later and that this would be the formula to redeem mankind. Satan played into the Lord’s holy, perfect plan that provides salvation for lost men, women, and children.”*

Again Terry might be correct, because the Apostle James says that Satan’s minions believe and tremble. If this is also the case with Satan; then the confusion within Bible prophecy probably can be correctly attributed to Satan. And if this is the case does it not mean that Bible prophecy is an extremely important topic in our day? One that should be discussed among Believers? One in which we should demand consistency in use of and teaching of the Scripture.

And one very important question for all to consider would be: which of our current understandings surrounding our Lord’s return would most benefit Satan?

Consider this fact. Building false expectations is the one thing that causes problems between individuals in this life, no matter if they occur in marriage; in business; in church; or wherever. So another very pertinent question is which teaching in today’s prophetic circles would lead to the establishment of false expectations, which could lead at some point in these last days events, to problems with trust issues with our God? The answer seems an easy one to me, but maybe the answer coming from each teacher would be the best identifier of potential Satanic involvement. I covered this subject extensively in my book. So why not ask Terry the question I posed. I cannot, because I have been blocked from commenting on his site. You may think that my comments must have been too harsh, and they may be thought of in that way by him, but they have always been in question form, making use of a scripture that leads to the question.

The real reason for my having been blocked, I was told, had to do with the suspicion that I was attempting to acquire readers and build my own blog. But that was a judgment by them concerning my motivation. Something that no one can judge in another person. Only God can look upon the heart. Our motivation should always be to find and uphold God’s truth, and to aid others to do the same. You may wonder how I was told that, because, if one was blocked; then he is blocked. With WordPress, if you are a subscriber to even the free blogging site, you can visit and read any other site; and you can post a comment. But your comment is subject to approval on most sites. So I still at times would communicate concerning his posts, but they never appeared under his comments. However I did occasionally get a reply. Of course his reply was not posted either. But that is how I discovered the above reason. The reply was always an e-mail to me.

But let me just say before we end this, that one of the greatest problems that Dispensationalists have with Rapture being post Trib involves the eternal security question. Yet if Satan is involved in end time prophecy, why else would he be involved, if not to rob one of their salvation? This question drives almost all of the Dispensationalists beliefs concerning the end time warnings about falling away that our Lord preached, and Paul also taught these. Salvation is a gift that God never intended for man to take for granted.

If this post has stirred your interest; then there is another post that you also may want to read. Just click on the following link. And certainly feel free to visit Terry’s site, as his site and his article is credited below. In fact visiting is the only way to post the question for him that I suggested. Should you get a response please share it here.


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