Before Jesus returns all of the human race will be in the valley of decision. A study of prophetic Scripture including Joel and Revelation makes this clear.

The Gospel will have spread to every nation. Decisions will have been made to both live and die for the faith. Some will decide that the faith is not worth dying for. Those following Antichrist will be involved in trampling out anything associated with Jesus name. And then there will always be those who have decided that they are good enough to appease God no matter who he is, but buying into any one religion is not for them. They will not worship any god. But by so doing they make themselves their own god.

Based on prophetic scripture there would seem to be then three categories of humans on earth at the time immediately preceding the coming of the Lord. There will be of course the saved or bride of Christ. He will return for this Bride who has made herself ready. These will be raptured following the resurrection of His saints, at His coming. Then there will be the totally wicked who give full allegiance to the beast system that we see growing up in our world today. These will be destroyed in the wine press of God’s wrath as Messiah returns to finish the battle of Armageddon. Then there are those who worship themselves, who will be judged to be worthy of destruction in the lake of fire at the sheep and goats judgment of the nations (Matthew 25).

Those involved in Armageddon coupled with those who worship the Beast system are the wicked who will perish in the initial trampling of the winepress of His wrath. The wicked who are spread among the nations are represented by Jesus as the goats of the sheep and goats judgment and will receive their sentence at the judgment of nations which Jesus explained in Matthew 25. All wicked are thrown into the lake of fire.

The saved of course were resurrected and Raptured. The third and final group will be the sheep of the sheep and goats judgment of the nations. These nations following this judgment will enter into the millennial kingdom prepared for them and will be ruled over by Messiah and His bride from Israel. They will consist of those who are not Jesus followers but are works oriented. They have helped Jesus’ brethren who could neither buy nor sell during the Tribulation, and this alone is the reason for their allowed entrance into the kingdom as mortals. It is a works reward.

The valley of decision is just that. It will require from each person alive during the time of great tribulation decisions that will effect them for all of eternity.

The timing of the Rapture of the bride is clear in Scripture. This as well as the condition of Jesus’ bride at the end of the age is made clear in Scripture.

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