When just a young man with sons who were in puberty my wife Ellen and I were attending Red Lion E Free church in Bear Delaware. This church was one of the most impactful churches spiritually speaking in the life of our family. But one Sunday evening the service was devoted to a James Dobson film. Unfortunately I do not remember the name of the film, but it was devoted to the subject God’s way of escape from sin.

In the film Dr Dobson brought up the taboo subject in Christian circles “masturbation”. In fact so taboo that I hesitated to write this article, even approaching the subject could make one suspect, but then again I was prompted to understand that God had answered my question on this subject from scripture. A question that had plagued me and over which I had prayed for years after seeing Dr Dobson’s film, and why would I not share this answer from God. The sin of lust is one that every young man and I suppose young woman  as well struggle with. This I assumed was Dr Dobson’s reason for producing this film.

In the film although Dr Dobson told us that he believed masturbation to be an escape route from sexual lust as stated that Scripture teaches — for every temptation God has provided a way of escape — still in my mind he had not proven that masturbation Itself was not a sin to escape.

Dr Dobson explained that the sex drive is a natural human drive created by God, and it is possibly at its strongest in teenagers. He then made his case for Masturbation as the way of escape.

My concern was that I could find nothing in scripture that would remove this act from the category of sexual sin. And let me be frank at this point anything that God has created can be misused and thus become a sin. I speak more about this later in the article, but first I must show you what God has shown me from scripture in order to clear my understanding on this act of escape from in some extreme cases a burning desire and lust which is definitely sin.

As you know I have written books on Bible Prophecy. I study doctrine surrounding prophecy as much as I study anything else scripturally, one day as I was studying the chuppah (there is an article on this subject on my web site) God revealed to me out of the blue my answer to the masturbation question.

So now to the scripture. Get your Bible and turn to Deuteronomy 22:13-21. And read it carefully, then return here to go on. Here is what I suddenly saw from this passage — first, there is clear evidence of virginity in the young woman, that evidence contained inside her was something that was until broken, retained throughout her youth even were she to masturbate, and without this proof of virginity from the broken Hyman, under God’s Law a young woman at any time after her marriage could be falsely accused by her husband and put to death. That evidence was in ancient times retained from the special covering (the Chuppah) on the bed in the brides chamber where the marriage was consummated.

So back to our subject. Masturbation is not here mentioned as an act that would disqualify a young woman from being a virgin, and masturbation for a virgin female would not break the hyman, which when broken through intercourse would provide this evidence stated in scripture of her virginity on the virginity cloth. If masturbation were created in woman by God in His creation of woman to break the membrane containing her proof of virginity then masturbation would fall into the sin category. It can then be concluded that if masturbation does not eliminate virginity in the female and is not specifically listed by scripture as sin it would apply equally to the male, and as Dr Dobson said it is the way to escape lust and burning which is definitely listed as sin in Scripture.

Now as promised a look at when masturbation might be itself a sin. Jesus tells us that if a man looks on a woman with lust in his heart it is as though he has already committed adultery with her. Lust is the temptation that one is trying to flee. The way of escape is provided by God but it would be sinful if it is abused, or stated another way used to fantasize, or if the act itself is allowed to become a form of idol in ones life. Otherwise it can be a way of escape.

From a purely physical anatomical perspective. The sex drive shows up in a male when sperm is produced and needs to be released. Sometimes this happens during the night in what is referred to as a wet dream. If this physical condition begins to occur during the day the factors that cause the dream at night will cause the same buildup and thus fantasies and desires in the day leading up to the release. This physical condition if not avoided leads to temptation in the male. The female sexual pressures are much different but can have similar result. If we were told that it is a sin to urinate, without having our spouse by our side, then bladder pressure would occur and we would eventually wet our pants. This might help one understand the similarities physically. So the question is can masturbation interrupt the process and prevent lust which is sin?

So, is this the proof concerning this escape from temptation? In my mind yes, but as always you must be the judge. Because if we think a thing to be sin it is sin to us. Romans 14:22-23 The faith which you have, have as your own conviction before God. Happy is he who does not condemn himself in what he approves. But he who doubts is condemned if he eats, because his eating is not from faith; and whatever is not from faith is sin.

In other words if you study this subject out and determine from scripture that this is not a sin, then you walk in that conviction in faith not doubting.

If one who is married works out of town, this article can be the catalyst for discussion with ones pastor or ones spouse.

This scriptural concept actually applies to everything we do that God has not already clearly condemned on the pages of scripture. Especially if one has a sexual or other weakness, this one should be looking for “the way” of escape.

You can’t just say don’t you urinate while you’re away, can you? Neither, can you say you can’t produce sperm while you’re away.

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