Nabeel Qureshi makes an appealing argument in his book Answering Jihad for those of us who are to love our enemies to get to know and love our Islamic neighbors (which means all of us who are believers in Jesus should do this). I highly recommend the book, but in the end he states that this is not the final step for Answering Jihad.

In my book, And Then The End Shall Come, I make it a point to show the reader just how that final step will come. I’ll speak to that in a minute. But, Qureshi also makes it clear that today more Muslims than ever are coming to a triple fork in their road on life’s journey. Their choices he says are apostasy, apathy or radicalization.

Our responsibility then would be to help them understand that when that time for them individually comes that choosing apostasy against their own religious faith and accepting Jesus Israel’s Messiah is the right choice.

Yesterday I posted a piece called The Valley of Decision. Today’s article will further explain that theme for the Islamist nationals as well as those spread throughout the world.

Coming possibly soon will be a war involving the Jihadists surrounding Israel and Israel. Many believe as I do that this next war will bring the actual answer to Asaph’s prayer which is recorded in Psalm 83. If you read this prayer you will see that it depicts what is happening today between the actual players in the Middle East. And it calls for either the coming to know the Lord or for the final destruction for those who don’t.

This war when it comes to answer that prayer will present the triple forked road for Islamists that Qureshi mentions. With the destruction of the radicles and their caliphate all who follow Islam will be in decision mode.

The choices will be to apostatize from the Islamic faith leaving Islam behind for whatever they then deem to be the truth, to seek Jesus or to perish along with the false Antichrist system. There will of course be those who do neither, who in apathy to all religious belief will one day soon stand before Jesus when He returns to judge the nations (Matthew 25).

Many Islamists when this day comes will turn to the false Jesus who they believe is coming and therefore they will follow Antichrist. Our befriending them when and where we can will hopefully help them make the right choice.