If you do you will share it. I’ll bet you will.

This interview I had listened to over 1 year ago. I had a note with it telling me: “must share”.

Somehow the note with the video was set aside until now? My phone battery had died last week, and my notes became jumbled, and I had to reengage with even the old ones to reorganize. Somehow I was led to re-listen and I did listen again. I found that nothing had changed with the truth presented. If you had listened to this 1 year ago you would have known what was coming. If you do listen to it today you will then understand why it has come — what it is that’s behind it, and where it will likely lead. If you don’t listen and you have not heard this elsewhere, you will likely be deceived as it continues to come upon us.

Does this mean Revelation is upon us? I think it could. It certainly sets the stage for a fulfillment of.

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