Dr Reluctant in this his post is writing concerning Hebrews, and starts with a straightforward treatment of the words written there. For example when dealing with chapter 6:4-5, he states: “Those who have experienced these four impressive things are warned of the impossibility of them being renewed if they “fall away.” He then wants to have this message be strictly for Hebrew believers during another coming age. He argues that Paul’s message to the church does not allow for this falling away of Church age believers.

He somehow ignores that there were Hebrews in the Church who along with every living believer is supposed to have met these “four impressive things”, as he calls them, which are contained in these two verses. He knows that the warning is real but he refuses to accept it for himself or for the church or for Hebrews within the church, even though there are Hebrews in the church. There are obviously big disagreements within the church body today over church doctrine, which many must be slow to learn. And this occurs in so many areas of doctrine.

Dr Reluctant writes: “Hebrews 5:12 – 6:8 is the next warning, and this one ramps up the ante.  It begins with a rebuke of the people for their dilatory approach to God’s Word”. The approach of the people was pointed out in this warning as being one of slow reaction to Gods word.

Dr reluctant wants his reader to believe that the age that this is speaking to is only that short period of another coming age, which the church is to understand as one depicting only end time events. He would hopefully then agree that this at most is a 7 year age or timeframe?

My question is this: Can the Hebrew believer during tribulation even have time to be dilatory, since they will only be added back to their position in the Olive Tree after every last Gentile is saved during the Tribulation.

What is ironic in Paul Henebury’s (Dr Reluctant’s) thinking is that it is he and so many millions of Christian Church believers today, who are so slow to believe God’s word to mean what it says. Peter tells us that even in his day Paul’s letters were being twisted to the point of destruction. Paul’s letters are God’s Word. Does Paul the Apostle give us any such warnings? Dr Reluctant says: no.

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