Believe it or not I have several Liberal friends and liberal leaning family members. It is to them that I make this appeal.

I don’t know if you are familiar with the name Ray Epps or not? He is mentioned in this interview. He is famous or should I say infamous in the circles wherein I travel, but this is not about him. This interview is about what’s happening to your fellow Americans who were prosecuted for being in the Capitol on Jan 6Th 2021 to supposedly conduct an insurrection.

I hope that you would listen to this and tell me what concerns you most about what happened to this man, who is sharing here with you and I his own experience. I know that you have your thoughts regarding Jan 6Th. I know that you feel as I do that the perpetrators of any insurrection within this nation should be properly charged and sentenced. With that as a given please tell me what you think of this information revealed in this short interview. We are told that our FBI and our DOJ have acted on our behalf concerning “this insurrection”. Have they really?