Thinking on a Trump arrest — will it make him stronger, as some are saying? If it occurs, for the left, it well not be for the purpose of strengthening him, but instead to destroy him.

What if it doesn’t even happen?

Freedom’s cause for righteousness to prevail and hopefully guide our Nations actions, will require more than one man. Yet, one man has been held up as a George Washington type savior. Juan is a strong advocate of Q. He is highly regarded among those Christian’s listening to the prophecies concerning Trump’s comeback, who are enamored by the Q Narrative. Juan is a believer in Christ. He is a true believer, from all that I can gather, but his belief seems to lean in a post millennial version of Christ’s actions on earth, which are seen as necessary prior to His return. This view requires a rule of righteousness on earth with Christ leading from His throne in Heaven over His Church.

🚨 Mar 18 2023 – Juan O Savin w/ Nino > Trump’s Arrest + The [Deep State] Occult Schedule

The images above come from Juan in this attached podcast. I share them for your information.

As you know I don’t think that scripture teaches the post-millennial narrative. But that doesn’t mean that the revival we are seeing cannot flame into a prolonging of time for or lengthening of days for this nation. A revival is underway. It will need to spread especially among the younger woke folk who are in need of a real awareness of God’s power to change them and their world.

We must realize that the problems presented to us from godless men for our world are progressing at a rapid pace. Evil has come forth with a furry heretofore unseen as we now observe it in this modern day. Hitler, Mussolini, Polepot and Stalin were not the last to spread forth their evil, but their evil was opposed back then by much of the free world, whereas today evil is spread even in those nations formerly opposing it. The effects of God’s good reside only in a narrow segment of the population, which has not yet been deceived.

A revival of great numbers turning back to God, I believe can and, I believe will hold back evils spread, but only if it continues. So, the church needs to stand up and stand firm. It cannot continue to ignore what is happening.

But even if all of this happens and leaders return to their right minds, still the rule of righteousness cannot prevail within governments led by men still residing in these fleshly bodies, and that is where premillennial doctrine fails. Without world leaders, who have been changed out of these bodies of flesh by the return of Christ and without their having put on immortality; then there can be no universal righteous rule on this earth. Without such, righteousness cannot prevail over evil.