‘Time Reflections’ Finally Observed By Physicists After Decades Of Searching

If, you read this article, you may not understand what these Physicists are saying, I certainly don’t, but the one thing that stands out is this shared which relates to it aspects of time dimensions: “During an interview with late-night talk show host Stephen Colbert, Steven Spielberg said that UFOs are humans time-traveling.”

Although science is making great progress in many fields, still they have not discovered the origins of life, although they do much speculating. They still are looking into the mysteries of time; and the Universe. But the theory that man can traverse time has been an often written about and oft discussed theory. Now something known as time refraction has been observed. So speculation will abound.

Well, let me do some of my own speculation. Space craft, orbs of light, and time travelers can be — based on a Biblical understanding — involved with Demonology. Demons entered scripture in Genesis and will continue through Revelation. Satan is known to appear as an angel of light. Demons, or what are called the fallen angels impregnated women of old creating the Nephilim of Old Testament Scripture.

The appearance of demons is therefore not a mystery to God. One’s theory of their future and perhaps present interactions with mankind should not exclude technology such as AI; and Time Travel; and even Space Ships which defy physics, with their speed and rapid directional changes.

One thing that we can rely on, is that the deception in these areas is taking and will continue to take place in the form of scientific theory.

Deception is either a hiding of real truth, the misunderstanding of real truth or a creation of a false truth. Theory is the idea in search of evidence to either prove or disprove it as truth or proven science.

When any theory is presented it should imply the need for investigation, but today conspiracy is immediately labeled or attached to any theory which is posed as a reason for concern enough to perform investigations. The term Conspiracy however always seems to be the road block to truth used by deceivers in their screams against truth seekers. For it is from them that deception is presented as truth for the gullible. And the gullible far outweigh the prudent.