He accuses Tucker and McCarthy of endangering Democracy because Tucker has shown us selected released footage from January 6th. Just as the Democrat select committee had done. Yes they tell us more about what happened, but:

Somehow footage that the Democrats did not use in the Jan 6Th investigation is off limits. Interesting we have police officers wearing cameras today in order to be sure based on video footage that their actions were correct, and yet Capitol Police video footage is somehow going to suppress the truth of what happened. I suggest that not to be the case at all, but:

For Schumer to think that we can’t see through his play acting protestation is equivalent to a father telling his 21 year old son that there is a man in the moon, while thinking that so to still at the age of 3. No one would think that father to be anything other than strange, but how much do want to bet that Schumer gets a free pass from all main line Media and 99% of Democrat politicians concerned. So are there actually idiots involved in this scenario? You be the judge. There is certainly something that Schumer and his cohorts want to hide from the public. If we don’t demand answers then perhaps we are the idiots?