Today I am posting about an incident that many of you perhaps prayed about when we learned that Kelly was in a coma and in ICU in Ohio. This testimony was written by her mother, and a good family friend:

“My son, Eric, died on October 18, 2020.  Now, you might be wondering why I would mention this, since this is about my daughter, Kelly.  You will understand when this testimony is completed.

I received a phone call from my grandson, Zachary, that his mother was taken by ambulance to our local hospital.  He had gone over to her home, because she did not answer her phone.  They have had a pact that if one of them calls the other and there is no response, then the other person goes to find out if everything is ok.  Zachary found his mother on the floor by the door unresponsive. Once admitted to the local hospital, and after several days, I requested Kelly be transferred to the Cleveland Clinic ICU…

Kelly has been a diabetic since she had her spleen and half of her pancreas removed in 2018 due to chronic pancreatitis. She never took her sugar levels too seriously and they would go up and down regularly.  

Now, she is in ICU at the Cleveland Clinic, non-responsive and in critical condition, with a sugar level of around 1,200; her kidneys are shutting down, and she cannot breathe on her own.   When I got to the hospital and entered her room, I saw she was on a ventilator to help her breath, hooked up to dialysis to get her kidneys working, and a feeding tube in to provide nutrition.  Her feet were in large boots and toes wrapped because they had turned black for lack of circulation.  The doctors had to keep her blood pressure high, so her blood would go to her brain and heart to keep her alive.  Therefore, her toes did not get enough circulation.  This is not something a mother wants to see of her child.  The doctors and nurses could not tell me if she would survive, but they were doing everything they could and I knew that.  However, I felt they needed some additional help, so I started to pray. I asked my husband, friends, my church family, anyone I spoke with, to please pray for my Kelly to wake up.

For about two weeks Kelly was non-responsive. Each day I would ask her to squeeze my hand, to open her eyes, with no response.  But I kept praying.  And finally, one morning as I entered her room, I saw just a little glimmer of her eyes.  I started to cry, because I knew our prayers were being answered and she was gradually coming back to her family.  The first person I called was her son, Zachary.

Her healing process has not been easy, she is still dealing with her toes.  She has lost all of her toenails, and the black skin is falling off.  But she will not lose any of her toes, which is another blessing.  She is home now, and is taking her life very seriously.  She knows God has given her a second chance at life.  

After Kelly had been home for a few days, she said to me, as she started to cry, “Mom, before I woke up, I saw a white light, and Eric was at the end of it.  He said to be to go back, it was not my time yet.”

I thank God every day to have my Kelly back, and I also thank my Eric, who sent her back.

God is good all the time, and all the time God is good. “

By: Joyce Shelestak