David Jeremiah is not agreeing with Jonathan Cahn’s take concerning America.

Dr David Jeremiah says when Speaking of Cahn’s book:

◦ “This book reads America into the Bible. While nearly all conservative eschatology books struggle with the non-mention of America in the prophetic timeline of our future, Cahn believes God hid a warning to us in Isaiah. I’m not surprised that a writer finds America in the Bible. It is a hard blow to our pride to think that we are not on the pages of Scripture. However, I agree with the majority of theologians today. America is not mentioned in the Bible, and we really do not know why. Perhaps, our nation becomes uninterested in foreign affairs or becomes unwilling to get involved. Maybe, we self-destruct or put ourselves in such debt that we are a non-factor. Or, maybe we become impotent because so many believers are raptured up to heaven. No matter the reason, the truth remains. The Bible talks of major players in the final days and there is no mention of any power from the West. The Bible just doesn’t mention America, not even in a hidden message.” David Jeremiah declares dogmatically, and he is right, “Indeed, no specific mention of the United States can be found in the Bible.”[i]”

Dr Jeremiah fails to consider the symbolism of the Eagles wings which arise from the lion in Daniel 7, and the Eagles wings in Rev. 12 Protecting ISRAEL near the end of the age. These Eagles wings were plucked from the Lion. Is not Britain’s symbol the Lion? Is not Russia’s symbol the bear?

America has been a world power, but she will be replaced by a beast incorporating many nationalities and world dominance. Does that require a disappearing, a destruction or a submission of Americas power? We do not know, but we will cease to dominate on the world stage at some point in the future. For us to fail to see what is coming could lead to grave disappointment. We can never lose faith — no matter our circumstance.