God’s timing was some of what Tom’s message was about yesterday morning. He opened my eyes to the reality of what and who we are to be about in this time, when things have moved us away from our comfort zone. Not that I have not had God’s direction in my past, even my recent past, but that — what He God has me doing is important to Him now, for this time. It’s not just something to make me feel good. In times like these feeling good may not even be possible. In fact, it’s not about me at all. Where do I get off thinking that i have anything to do with it other than to be there — available to do what God lays on my heart to do. And thus the real reason as to why we are here.

In my Christian walk i have struggled at times, but the moments of His visitations, such in the moment in the service today: sparked by the message that God used Tom to deliver. These moments in my life have been so monumental. He changes our lives with just one moment in a message. And Jesus grows more important to us, and our desire grows for others to have even one glimpse of Him in their lives. For anyone who touches Him will never be the same. Thanks Tom, if you happen to see this: I want you to know that God has you here for us sheep. Don’t give up on what He has you doing for Him.

And for the rest of you, who read this, I want you to know that your pastor or someone near you should be used to produce such moments in your own life, or you maybe should be used to produce such moments in theirs. At any rate pray for them — those whom God has placed as influencers in your life.