I have in past posts shared with you what is being talked about by Conservatives concerning this United States Supreme Court case where one individual is going against this Country through the courts. There is a lot of optimism over this case.

What I’m not hearing about concerns me. It would be the reaction of the progressive left to this coming Supreme Court’s decision should it accept this case and find for the plaintiffs? Should that happen what will be in store for us? These people on the left always seem to be one step ahead of the right on the political chessboard. They have made some mistakes — That’s true. Since those mistakes by the progressives were made by the telling of what they have planed for us, and that was done ahead of time in their several books — such as the Great Reset. So what concerns me is that the right is now making the same mistake and is showing its hand as to what it has coming with this Supreme Court case.

I had brought up this concern over their potential reaction to what the right is planning in yesterdays post.

But I don’t think for one minute that the left are not also planning where they will go in order to counter this move. They are now in power, and using the power that they right now hold seems likely. I would expect that they do have plans to avert this action should it occur, and it will not surprise me if this plan is not released ahead of any Supreme Court ruling.

One potential action that they may attempt would be a declared Martial Law military style shutdown of our nation, where the ruse would be used by them to put forth the knowledge of this right wing planned takedown of the Presidency and of the Congress. Declaring it to be itself the National emergency, which needs a military style action in order to save this republic. They would call it — this democracy.

I have heard on many occasions that this present crisis of government that we all know does exist in this country will not end short of another civil war. So, If then, there is, as we have often heard an actual “white hat” military force behind the scenes taking covert action on our behalf; then that civil war may not be far off. Because it takes two armies to do battle in a civil war. If there is not such a behind the scenes movement and never was, as I would likely suspect; then this could all come down to the Biden controlled Military doing battle with a MAGA Constitutionally correct Supreme Court decision, and in that case I envision the wrong side winning simply, because they have the guns and the will to destroy this nation and turn it into a Socialist Communist nation.

I have stated before that we are headed toward Communism in this country, and that my friend is where this could all lead.

Please pray for your country, and for your family. What I am hearing in this attached video all sounds very good for us, if we had no sinister adversary, but unfortunately we do and he is very evil. J

One thing that you can pray for is that the Military itself because of each man’s oath to defend our Constitution will (when the time comes for any related Marshal Law Military action) find themselves internally totally bound by that oath before God. May God help us through these next years. We surely need it. Don’t underestimate these actors in this Administration and their deep state partners in the FBI, etc. they are evil.