Unless: we save our free and fair elections.

Elections have consequences; local Judges and local election Boards create consequences; if the courts continue to refuse election cases for whatever reason; we then have a national crisis on our hands, and as I stated in 2020, if this country falls to the One Worlders; then mankind has no place else to go for the upholding of personal freedoms. This is why the case before the Supreme Court not only has merit, but will, I believe, be met with the IRE from the Administrative State, which will include threats, and possible violence against these members and their Families. If there is such a thing as a military white hat operation they need to show these judges their protective support if we are to see this case advanced in a positive fashion.

So, have we entered into the events outlined in the book of the Revelation. This video further explains our dilemma as a free people now controlled by a powerful elite. One which has no fear of losing their power, because they have full control of the mechanism controlling our elections. They are both Republican and Democrats. These RINO Republicans have in order to keep their part (in the power structure) sacrificed our freedoms, and they do this (I’m sure) with the understanding that they will on occasion have a Republican In Name Only (RINO) allowed into the White House, one who supports the progressive move toward a socialist One World Order.

This is likely to be the way things will continue should the Supreme Court not take action on this case. Therefore we would lean toward eventual One World Governance.