When seed is planted whether it is good seed or bad, it WILL bring forth a harvest. How rapidly are we collapsing as a nation. Yet the seeds were planted many decades ago. God has been declared the enemy, and even the many multitudes “following” Him have been turned into Casper milk-toast making Him subservient to the whims of man if He even exists for them at all.

And we who still love God and know Him and His Word to us will not even survive these days without Him.

Matthew 24:22 “And if those days had not been cut short, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short. (NASB2020)

The video film I shared with you yesterday revealed man’s desire to reduce population. Now I show you why the collapse of society is being brought on by man’s own desires revealed in this video film, and this outcome is in sight if we His people do not stand in prayer and fasting against this most definite enemy of our children. And even then we may be awakening too late.

Many years ago I sensed in my spirit this underlying evil aimed at my own children through the school system of the 70’s. We withdrew them from the public schools. Now one must consider withdrawing the children even from the churches that they attend. In multitudes of our Churches God’s word has already lost its power. It is being corrupted by seminary implants from schools who many call cemeteries.

Many today sing of the days of Elijah, when we are really living in the days of Lot. If you can watch this film and not gain wisdom from the knowledge that these men impart; then you too may be in danger of Satan’s deceptions. Brothers take time to hear and see with Spiritual eyes before it is too late. Teach God’s word to your children and your grandchildren, BEFORE IT IS too late FOR THEM.