It’s pretty obvious that they have no evidence for an indictment against Donald J Trump; if they did they would have indicted him. How many times do we have to see this movie, before the News Media picks up on the true culprits in this countries political dilemma?

There is a real effort going on to Destroy the American form of Democratic freedom. It is not being done by Trump or his MAGA followers. That fact becomes more clear each time an investigation clears the man, by being unable to indict him for anything.

Those involved with the Obama planed changes for this country are obvious perps in this take down of everything that we, as a country, have held dear. Trump had attempted to restore what the cankerworm had destroyed, but he went further attempting to dismantle what he called the “swamp” or “deep State”, at the time most felt that there was no such thing.

But anyone watching the battle occurring with any of their own mind open to give consideration, of just what is happening, will have to admit that there is a fallacious side to government which is engaged in deception: it starts with recent Democrat led Administrations. It authorizes and uses the FBI’s and now the DOJ’s sinister tactics, which start out with overlooking the unlawful activities of the left and then overstating the activities of the right to make them appear far worse than they ever were. They are making use of FBI plants to entrap right wing political enemies into very questionable activities. Activities that the FBI itself is not only involved in but in some cases they have put forth the plan of.

The greatest example of these (what many believe to be treasonous activities) is found in the investigations of anything Trump and the Dismissal of any investigation of anything Biden. Trump made his own millions. But where did Biden and Obama get theirs. Especially Biden, who would pay $500,000 or $50,000 for a 45 minute speech from Joe Biden or Hunter? Yet, the rhetoric put out to the media is always the same: anything questioned by anyone from the right is “Conspiracy Theory”, while any question from anything left wing is gospel (and they don’t even believe in the Scriptures).

I put that last bit in jokingly; but — There is a Spiritual side to this battle and it is made obvious to those familiar with the Scriptures. To the left there really is no good Vs evil. There is only intellectual bias, and theirs is always right. This is why we are the “deplorables”. Truth is not the reality of what is seen; it instead is what they make it. Their science has no foundation in facts; but its foundation is always moving. It’s “Global warming”, but when the globe starts cooling suddenly, it becomes climate change. Hard to argue with climate change when it is constantly changing, but where does the history of climate change lead? Those facts can always be changed after all the climate does change. It’s like the “changing”Constitution.

With the Left there is only one right way: their way. With the Right there is only one right way: the Truth: God’s natural laws and His written laws for all of mankind, not our way, but God’s way. This is our basis for law, and it always was the standard for the Constitution. It is the only true foundation.

But, if a man can give birth, than anything can be questioned can’t it. The battle then is Spiritual. Evil can not see truth, because God is Truth, and He is the basis for truth, and any man who ignores God ignores truth. And yes — it is maddening when we are told that we are the conspiracy theorist and it is they who deal in the lies.