This election is now upon us. The country seems to have learned that socialism tyranny style is not a good thing. Tyrants however will not give up, they have either played their cards too soon, or else they believe that they have the systems and people in place to retain their power no matter what the electorate does? It will be good to know where we may be headed by what happens both in this election and afterward as a result of it.

I do not expect the road to be smooth. If we remain divided as a country and as a church the outcome will be tumultuous. But if evil remains as a bed partner, God’s blessing will not return to either. In the interim we have this hope that at least our brothers and sisters in Christ may have heard and turned toward God. Renouncing the evil in our land would be a good start. God alone knows the hearts of the people.

Steve Cortes: Injections Join Immigration And Inflation As The Three Major I’s Affecting Americans