Calling Out False Prophets

Reverend Holthouse, has in this message called out all prophets who called for Trump’s reinstatement as President, following the 2020 election steal. I may even kinda agree with him on that point, since this has not happened, but what he has just done is really no better, for he has just given over the USA to the New World Order as a done deal, just as though it has already happened, and as though it will be of no use apparently for you and I to go out and vote in this upcoming election.

Yet, even if he may be correct and we do find ourselves at the point of actually losing this nation, and find ourselves with no power to restrain the evil, which is to come, then doesn’t his proclamation make his doctrine false? And it still remains false even if we can do nothing to keep that, which he sees as already having happened from continuing on. Obviously our doing nothing only results in a self fulfilling prophecy, but doing everything we can, voting, praying, telling others what’s happening, and still after all that failing, actually that then creates for us a different doctrine from his.

He proclaims that there is nothing standing in the way of this NWO, even while we are here standing strong in Jesus name.

But how can I get away with proclaiming him a false prophet? At least on this one point as a prophet. It is because this that he says if true, makes his dispensational teaching and its doctrine for which he advocates just as false as the the prophets that he has also called false.

We must remember that Dispensationalists tell us that this coming Antichrist and his system cannot come forth so long as the Church and the Holy Spirit within the Church are here; yet, though he believes this, still he forcefully says that we cannot stop them from coming forth even though we the Church are still here. He in his doctrinal teaching will tell you that the Church is the restrainer of evil in this world. This point however, he has clearly contradicted, saying that this system is already here, and that it can’t be stopped. Apparently, not even by the Holy Spirit in the Church. Now let’s pray for God’s will to be done, but also ask for Him to put restraint back on these plans for a New World Order. He is the restrainer and we are His witnesses. Jp

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