We need to begin to understand that our world no longer seems a safe place. Although the world has always been a bit scary, here in the US there has always been thought an example for mankind’s improvement. However, what with the rather quick demise of the United States under later generations of administrations, and now a feckless Biden Administration, we are seeing the world’s power base rapidly change. Democracy has been weakened before the CCP power base.

You will hear in this interview Steve Bannon say: “When We (the Republicans) win, They (the CCP) lose. This fact certainly can be true, but it also makes this time most critical to not just you and I as Americans who love our freedoms, but it is also the most critical time for the Democratic Biden regime and the CCP. Our knowing what we now do, about what had happened in 2020 with the election fraud, in order to allow for the CCP’s current strong position to rise against the west in the first place, only means that it can certainly happen again. This is why many of us were insistent on the importance of proving the election steal of 2020 and showing the level of participation by the CCP inside OUR COMPUTERS where they were heavily involved. Not having been able to accomplish this, largely because of the penetration of CCP activists within our institutional machinery, including the news media, and corporate America not to mention the government itself; has made another election steal using computers dangerously possible.

Lindell and others investigating the election steal, are all ridiculed. But even if the steal should be stopped, we are now so much more vulnerable to kinetic warfare conducted by the CCP due to our weakened position militarily. We do not have the resources to produce the infrastructure for such a war. We have given away our military strength to defend Ukraines border against Russia. We had best know how to pray as a country in these days.

Bradley Thayer Discusses The Need For Biden To Take New Strategy Against China To Avoid Kinetic War