For years I’ve heard that the US petro-dollar is the key to Us economic power. This dollar Reserve status is now being dismantled. It previously relied on our agreement with Saudi Arabia. That agreement is now history. What does it mean? This Clay Clark interview is the best explanation of its meaning to us and what we should perhaps consider doing with the dollar that I have heard.

As you know my blog was established to discuss prophecy. My feelings are mixed as to how we use this information. Owning gold/silver is one obvious choice if we manage to somehow save America through all that is occurring today, but from a prophetic standpoint if this action brings about the fall of this Nation; then owning these products, as, inside a home safe and then using silver to spend and or live on one day soon, while the country collapses around you, that my brother could be your death sentence. Unless however you may have resource available to guard what you have against the world, once they know that you possess it. So listen and based upon your own circumstance think on what you might do to survive these days.

This is a Clay Clark interview. Clay is associated with the reawakening America Tours, which you may or may not have heard about, but this interview reveals his intellect on the subject.