Information thus far has not saved us from what is happening.

Do we stand in a David and Goliath moment? God gets all of the credit for those moments in earths history, as it should be. But thinking on that, had David not used what God had given him, and stepped up would there have been another to do so? Would God have saved Israel from the Philistines without David? Most Christians today live as though God is responsible for every important act of man. But we are not a majority. Remember that. Neither was David.

The fact of the matter is, that in this country and in this world, at this time, it would seemingly take multitudes to step forward making use of the tools with which they have already been gifted by God. Tools which they have already been using in other ways in their lives, but which now are needed if we are to reverse the direction that this government is taking on the world stage, as these leaders follow the worlds move toward tyranny.

So the question really comes down to — is it God’s will to use us in the deliverance of this world at this time? — or will He instead take it from the grasp of a failing Human race?

As I’ve thought about where we are in this country, and what should be done and who should stand up; I reflect back only 9 years when Ellen and I celebrated our anniversary with 15 other immediate family members. Were we to conduct our anniversary celebration today we would be 27 in number. For me as for you, the stakes of having freedom vanquished are growing higher by the year. And I am very concerned about my family’s future. What are the chances that they remain free? Are they grounded enough in the Faith to survive?

And then when I think about for me, a hill to die on, and the act of death and dying what would I prefer, would it be to die for God’s cause or be persecuted at the end of a life filled with pain and disease because I would not stand. Would it be to lay my life and my reputation on the line now in an attempt to make the lives of my growing family safer in their pursuit of God and eternal happiness.

Hopefully, I would prefer to stand with what I would hope would be thousands, and perhaps millions against the lies and propaganda and against the arrests caused by an ill fated progressive movement in our country. Against the big money which is leading the world to be in opposition against God and in the end against mankind itself . These having brought forth government leaders, who are taking us toward a form of tyranny the likes of which we in this world have not yet seen. Hopefully I would stand for Christ, and against what we are seeing made manifest in our day.

We seem headed away from civility and toward tyrants, who seemingly have the means by which to take away any hope of normal life not only in this world, where people once could choose their way having been given God’s perspective; but now these leaders seem willing to destroy any possibility of others ever finding God’s way to eternal life.

The Bible makes us fully aware of a tyrant to come, who will proceed with this purpose, which will include a form of repression where if possible no man will ever be able to hear of the chance that he has of any hope in the life to come, which is in Christ. He will not allow truth, not without the threat of death to both the hearer and the teller of that offering of blessed hope.

The warning signs happening today are able to be seen by some, but are they seen by enough. Lord help those who have no eyes to see and no ears to hear. Help them and us to see clearly. May we all be allowed to hear from You in this time, and to heed what You are telling us for our time.

Mankind has always been enslaved by their own sin, and a recognition of that could lead to an awareness of his depraved condition, but today’s enslavement seems to me to be evolving. Men today seem to be enslaved by the promises of one, who is the father of deception, who has over time learned to usurp even the promises of God’s redemption unto eternal life.

Think about that. Todays average young person knows nothing of God’s truth even in a world where that truth has been spread far and wide.

Men would not choose suicide over Gods redemption if they expected the rich man’s experience rather than heaven. If they based their decision upon Jesus’ telling of this rich man’s experience with Lazarus’ in the afterlife. There almost seems a blindness in much of the Church today as to where we are in our times, one similar to that which entered upon Israel of Jesus day. There is a desire to cut off the heads of the John the baptists of our day. The church just stands by and watches, or even assists, as did Israel’s leaders.

Biden speaks of Armageddon’s threat in this our day not because he is conscious of Biblical truth, but because he knows the actors impacting this our day and of their plans, and even though he is old and will soon meet God, he has no fear of God, but only acts out of greed for wealth and power in this world. He will go the way of the rich man, and the world will be much poorer because of his actions, if God’s people stand by and do nothing, as it did in Hitler’s Germany.