Mike, you know how science can predict the future knowing when and where there will be an eclipse? They can do that because of the precision with which God created the universe. The same God told us where we would now be in history through signs explaining it in great detail over the span of many centuries and using various writers whom He inspired in Scripture. You don’t have to “believe” that, but it’s true. You call the Bible and me a liar, but in the end it will all be known.

In fact, I know that you know how precise creation is. But you believe that even if there is a God, that He is evil because He directs all the evil that you see. Fact is He restrains evil, until one day He will not. Actually many Christians believe that God is responsible for everything also, making your accusations seem logical to you, but if you really had studied the Scriptures you would realize that it’s just not true as you believe it to be.

Mike, I know that you’re good at harassing, but what do you actually believe could be worth standing and fighting for? What is your reason for being on social media, besides harassing people, who don’t have your same sense of reality? — Your same world view? Do you stand for anything, like as for instance free speech? Do you think everyone has to believe as you do? Do you not know that the Bible teaches that most people will not accept it’s teachings or the God who inspired it?

So, to respond to you — no I don’t believe that everyone must believe as I do, but I do believe that when God’s Holy Spirit speaks to a man’s inner being, where the real you actually exists, and that man responds in contriteness, that God will show Himself to be His friend, and His savior.

You are actually in the majority as one who will not be a Jesus follower. There are many of you. — Not all unbelievers have to be Atheist, many are religious. You may have even convinced some who were prior believers to join you. So why do you need me to join you? You are already in the majority, Is it to affirm further your belief? — your religion? Why is it so important for you to have me join you? If I were to deny the one true God, whom I know, and join you, what would that prove? It would actually prove God’s word to be true. He says that many will fall away from the faith. So, It would not make you a winner? — if it happened that you convinced me to give up my faith, you would be a winner of what? Do you believe that there will be a reward in hell for pulling others in with you? If someone is convinced by you that they are what you call me — a lier, because they don’t actually have evidence in their own life of God’s existence; then all you have accomplished is to have another liar join your team. You really can’t celebrate about that, because his admitting to you that he is a lier can’t give you much confidence in him, or in what he now claims to believe. You see, you are seeking proof of God’s existence, while believing or at least hoping in His nonexistence, and you seek your affirmation from others, and that really proves nothing. If God has not proven Himself to you then you only have no proof. But my suspicion is that if you ever believed in God, that you never trusted Him to change your life and relied on Him. And you see if you never did that then you can’t argue that there is no God. And if you claim that you did that then you really can’t prove it can you? For proof is everything to you — but just like I can’t prove to you that I know that God is real, you can’t prove that He is not. You can claim to be more moral than God, but you really don’t know what God knows do you; because you don’t even know if God exists, so how can you?

You have set yourself up to be God’s judge and the judge of others who know and claim Him to be real — a very dangerous position for you to be in, because you haven’t even been able to properly judge yourself or your fellow man? Although you do seem to be good at judging man who believes and trusts in God.

Jesus told Thomas: blessed is the man who has not seen yet still believes. You should ask God to help your unbelief, for without His help, you will bow the knee, but only when it is too late.

A relationship with God is both experimental and experiential. Not to suggest that God can be scientifically understood, but He is committed to His own word, but there must be a Spirit led understanding of that word.

Do your own investigation and experiment concerning God.