I ran across this post that I’m sharing today on Tuesday. It was posted that day on Rumble. It’s a collection of Different clips that the Reveal Report has stitched together to help explain possibly where we are today in these our times of so much deception, and one might say too much theater. It is well worth your time to watch. His first theory tracks very close to my own thoughts. I actually made a statement again just last week relative to my concern for Trump’s involvement with the vaccine introduction and what this current investigation might attempt to make of it to his detriment. I hope I’m wrong but this is not a far fetched theory in my own opinion.

All of what is revealed here could fit neatly into the deception coming at us from government today.

As to Trump’s vulnerability it’s very likely that if he has one that it will be in the vaccine area.

I know that all of these folks seen in the videos have since forced these vaccines on the rest of us, but the fact is Trump signed off on the deception, and what puzzles me is that he never seemed to question it. We can only hope that if it comes he can prove the deception from others is what he relied on, which caused his action.

Weekly News Update – will TRUMP be blamed!!! MUST WATCH