Today I’m sharing what I posted before the 2020 election.

The questions that I want you to consider; to meditate upon today are important to the kingdom. I hope that you too will see them worth pondering: as you read this shared post think about these questions. Is it proper to display or to abide a righteous anger when applying the command to love your neighbor as yourself? And then: can standing for truth in a civil and orderly fashion rightly be considered to be in opposition to that command?

Additionally, I want you to consider just what has happened following the loss of the 2020 election by Trump.

Because we are seeing investigations in many states taking many forms to get to the truth, and we are seeing much opposition at every front by One World Order advocates intent on the destruction of righteousness, and of the freedom of speech, which if such destruction continues, it will bring the persecution that many fear, and of which Christ spoke of as coming upon those in Christ who are willing to endure it.