I received this “cartoon” (located at the bottom of this post) from a Republican Christian friend. I know you could question the friend part. This was my reply to him:

Thanks, we’ll see. In a way I hope Trump loses. He has already given enough for a country in which at least half hate him. In fact I was also opposed to him in the 2016 primaries. Didn’t want to vote for him in the election against Hillary but he had to be better than she would be. He was and he is. I’m sick about the folks who refuse to give him credit for what he accomplished for all races in America. I’m sick that the hatred against him is seen as all being his fault when he in the beginning had no one advocating for him except the voter his family and himself. When I saw what the progressives in both parties were trying to do to him I changed my mind concerning him. The first two years when he had a Republican Congress, most in that congress opposed him. Frankly he has finally turned a “do very little to nothing“ Republican Senate into a group with some grit. The first time I have ever seen Republicans stand up to what we’re always seeing as attacks on conservatives in politics. Republicans have tried to stand against the progressives in the past but have been the true color yellow not orange reflected in your cartoon to me. There is nothing yellow about Trump. You may not like him, but he is the only thing right now between us and a very different United States of America.

The evil, which tried to take down an elected American President at the very start of his Administration, and which now refuses to hold Democratic politicians accountable for their exact same transgressions, but which are (claimed transgressions) for which they crucify Trump, is a system that will not ever get my vote.

Last nights town hall was an example of how Trump is not questioned but accused by the media and considered guilty of as you say not leading properly because of his poor mask example. You want everyone to wear a mask, but you don’t want to lose your freedoms, but what is telling everyone that they have to do something which is not even agreed upon by the science, as to its ultimate effect, doing but taking ones freedom. Trump is accused on one hand of being a dictator, and on the other of not dictating. I don’t like Trumps personal attacks on others, but I don’t like their attacks on him either, and in fact I consider them personal, because they are actually attacking what I believe in — the freedom of a President to do what he is constitutionally able to do for the protection of the rights of the people.

But, you advocate for unity, and then send me this reprehensible not funny cartoon. Once you get a Biden/Harris Administration you will get the opportunity to find out what you have voted for, kinda like Pelosi said about the health act. But in this case the facts of what they stand for are in plain sight — all that is needed is to pay them proper attention.

But Trump is fighting for your vote to count as an equal representation of your views even though you oppose him, while Democrat states are mailing ballots to everyone, most likely, hoping for voter fraud, allowing for one person to turn in more than one vote, counting on Democratic voters to lie, knowing that Republican voters will probably not lie because they frown on such actions. Knowing that for most Democrats the ends justify the means.

You are a Republican though I’m beginning to question that. Think on these things, and on what you are truly voting for. Progressives in both parties have fought for decades to take away the rights of Christian free speech. The only ear that Christians currently have in support of the 1st Amendment rights of Christians is contained in the Republican Party, and hopefully in the Supreme Court. Progressives including Uncle Joe advocate for more teaching about the Muslim Faith in public schools, while at the same time they are staunchly opposed to teaching anything Biblically based. They are fine with a Supreme Court that favors them, but not the Conservative views favoring the intent of the Constitution. In fact the lie about the unconstitutional behavior of Trump and the Republican Senate concerning what is constitutional in this appointment is indicative of their methodology.

 You call Trump a liar, but the lies he is supposed to be telling are related not to deception as are the lies of progressives, but to the interpretation of the facts and the science. 

Finally, God’s truth will come out, but by then it may be told in the form of His judgment on a country that chose to support the more evil of the choices before them. I hope that in saying this that I am not being judgmental or prophetic, because I do not want this for this or even the immediate future generations. I don’t think that I’m being as hateful as the producers of this cartoon, but you may judge me differently. I still love you and want the best for you and for this country, but realistically I know that the day is coming, perhaps sooner than we think, when this country will join the world in a mission aimed at the destruction of the Christian voice, and its impact on this world. You only need to read the prophetic Scriptures and the Revelation to come to that conclusion. The world will not believe this, much of the church does not believe this to be for them. So do you believe this? I do believe that the signs are ripening, and considering this must be for me a priority in my decision making.

One final thought. We are to become Christ-like. Jesus was not exactly pleased with, nor did He speak kindly to the Leadership who opposed Him, and whom He was opposing with His teaching when here on earth. Calling a man Sleepy Joe, or a woman crooked Hillary may be akin to “white washed tomb stones”. Just saying.

Words are powerful, use them well. Not mine, not yours,  but only God’s truth matters.