This will be amazing if this is true, and if it makes it to the light of day? But it really makes sense, because the Dems know that once they lose power the documents that Trump had declassified on the Russia Impeachment, and other questionable government actions will put many of them in prison if Trump is allowed to win, and these documents are allowed to come to light and reveal their tyranny.

No wonder they had to do everything that they could do to stop Trump in 2020, and that action has continued with Mar-a-Lago. But why Mar-a-Lago? — because they will attempt to bury these declassified documents that will sink their freedom. They have voted to put in place 87,000 Armed IRS for the sole purpose of furthering the deep states incursion on the conservative MAGA movement.

Of course there were the other illegal documents ceased. The Attorney client privileged documents and the passport documents. I wonder why?

These three interviews tell the whole story for the search to begin with. Don’t miss them.