No actually I don’t believe his case to be strong against the Sandy hook parents. If you follow him at all he has actually admitted his flaws at times on issues such as that case. He even states as I’ve heard myself and some of you do that he is no more perfect in that regard than the rest of humankind. We are all sinners. 

Some condemn his Bankruptcy in that case because of his actions. But it is what the government courts are doing to him that should worry any American.

As to his bankruptcy what choice does he have his net worth is less than 5 million. He admits that he had 10 million before he started supplementing or funding his Infowars platform from his personal account due to the drop in support?, I assume. None of his personal finance were permitted to be disclosed in court, but the prosecution put on false testimony that he was worth around 230 million.  Obviously not true. This testimony was not able to be refuted if he can’t even introduce any of his personal finance.   One of the jurors who voted to grant the around 43 million verdict was recorded as saying that they thought that he needed to be punished (as do I), but not destroyed. 43 million obviously can’t come from 5 million, but 43 mil still left one with 230 mil wealthy. But since even with new math one can’t get 43 from 5, personal bankruptcy is the result.  Some peoples dark hours are different than ours, but grace needs to be given just the same. 

What I know about Alex Jones is that he is way ahead of the curve on seeing what has and is coming in the world and the country. I sent this attachment to our son Shawn, who like many of you has refused to consider any of what Alex has to say.  He is now taking a look, skeptical though it might be. The movie “Alex Jones War” that I have seen clips from actually reveals him from the start of his digging when just a young reporter.  He does get some things wrong but he gets a lot right. Actually we all get some things wrong. That’s why we all need grace. Some of you may see Trump and people like Jones as the enemy. I see Biden and Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and our current Democratic leadership as the enemy. Neither of us may be totally right, but Alex has been following Schwab; the NWO and the great reset since a young man. He was far ahead of his time as to what was coming. When he started naming this stuff, it was all conspiracy theory.  Now it is out in the open as truth.  Some of it is already here and being promoted by these individuals who before were deniers. Some is well on the way.  

You are responsible for what you do. I bet that you are big on that concept. I am responsible for what I do. What we do stems from our beliefs concerning what is truth. If we limit our exploration of the truth we are in danger of getting it all wrong.

The only good thing about all of this is that the attention by our government to these folks make us look deeper at them, and with some grace that we all need we are actually finding them to be patriotic people.