As You Watch This you find yourself actually agreeing. Then you realize that the guns are still in the background to be blamed. And although I do agree, still, here is what’s missing in the thought process.

But listen and then I’ll get to the but:

Bill Maher Calls Out Hollywood’s Hypocrisy of Gun Violence

Ok, you may already know what I’m about to say, but my generation also grew up with gun entertainment from Hollywood, and with no mass revenge killings anywhere in this country, Why not? It was a different time when men in this country stood for right and wrong. When leaders no matter Democrat or Republican stood for God and country. When guns were carried in the rack in the back window of pickups, and those guns were used for hunting food not man. And young men were taught in school and church and by two parents right and wrong, and gun safety. And boys were spanked for revenge fighting. And on top of all that, the very thought of spending your life in prison or even worse in hell if you shot someone, and then were likely executed for that crime; this was all a major deterrent to even having thoughts about murdering someone.

But all that including God is the something that our modern liberal culture has rejected, and I am doubting that it can or will return. Not until Jesus comes to rule. But our move away from God is still society’s major problem with all of the debauchery that is present today.