Are we becoming defenseless?

In two short years we have abandoned 80 billion dollars of weapons in Afghanistan. We have sent at least that amount of weapons to the Ukrainian war. Additionally we are in a supply chain crunch and the supply chain impacts or weapons technology.

America has foolishly placed our fate at the mercy of what were formerly deemed to be our enemies. This was done because we naively thought the world was becoming a better place, with no enemies but only friends to be made.

The likes of George Soros, Klaus Swab, and Bill Gates have used the Trojan Horse effect to take down the defensive posture of America.

Ronald Regan was truly our last President to believe that a strong defense was our best offense. This concept is all but gone from America’s thinking. We now want a disarmed society, as well as a weakened military. Those Americans who oppose this thinking are the enemy. Trump was attempting to bring this back, but the one worlders are right now in charge, but they have not yet won.