Biden thinks MAGA are the biggest threat to the US. That certainly is not funny, we are faced with the biggest threat to our western Christian civilization in the last 200 plus year history of this Nation, and this President embodies that threat.

Every attempt is being made today not only in Communist nations, but throughout the entire world including this Republic of the United States of America to limit your freedom to do your own due diligence and then speak freely on your findings as a result. This nation is attempting to manage information and related speech as we move headlong into our own police state.

We are at the brink of a modern day style of communist takeover, where we surrender without a shot being fired.

Enemies of this takeover are already being named by our leaders. If you are not among those named don’t think that they are not coming for you also. If you love the freedom to express your views, you must also protect the freedoms of others, even when they oppose your truth. Ideas must be tested in the crucible where truth is refined.

Even then we know that mankind will eventually in the end choose the lie over God and truth. That has occurred before, but never before will it have occurred to the point of producing the greatest Tribulation known to man.

God has even bound His own hands to act in His plan for redemption at that point. He has promised to redeem man from every sin known to man, but for one. He cannot, He will not redeem the man who refuses to believe Him for redemption.

Revelation is a look into mankind’s future where every man alive is placed in the valley of decision. A place of final decision, where God is revealed in power and demonstration of power, and yet it is said of men, and they repented not.