But, will it save us from what is lurking? There is great opposition to and rejection of truth in our day. The deceivers keep winning with their propaganda. More and more folks are seeing through the smoke screen, but not enough to make the difference needed — not yet.

Even CNN has to now admit that the voting machines are vulnerable to hacking, but they of course add the false bit about no evidence of hacking in 2020. Time of course will prove them wrong on that point as well. The evidence is already in hand, but unfortunately it will come too late to save us from the destructive force that now terrorizes our nation in the form of the Biden administration in the hands of what seems to be a Satanic force with great influence. If that doesn’t set well with you, then read my last Blog in order to understand where this comes from.

“People at the WEF [world Economic Forum] have spoken some extremely unsettling things over the years, but none of them have received adequate media attention. When the themes championed by the WEF are put together, an underlying theme emerges: absolute control of humanity through the use of media, science, and technology, while altering democracies to build a worldwide government.”

Another “unfortunate” right now, involves the Republicans and 2022. Unfortunately any old Republican winning election just will not do. If we are to turn this country back even to a center position; then we must have men and women in place who are true to the constitution. Men and women who support the freedom of all expression and action within the Nations laws, to include nature and real science. Even expressions with which we do not agree must be allowed to exist in a civilized manner and to express itself in the arena of free thought.

God created us free will agents. He allowed choices. He made clear that some of those choices or decisions can for each individual eventually lead that one to spiritual death.

He sent His Son to show us the way to walk with Him. But that way is a choice. He taught us love, not as the world loves, but as God has loved us, so we are to love one another. We are to be in the world but not of the world; we walk in the midst of sinners, but don’t partake in their sin. We are working with the Holy Spirit to overcome our own sin. We are to be a light unto the world of just how that’s done, for Jesus came to save the world, but that salvation is limited to only those who would believe.

Nations that have rejected God have forced the light underground. Churches meet in secret in private places and are hidden under the bushel in those Countries. We must know that when that happens in America, we are then moving into 666 territory. For the present be the light not hidden. Never stop speaking the truth.