◦ Today most churches have decided to ignore what scripture has warned is coming. I have written before telling you why I think that this is likely the case. Factions in the Church have for over a century and a half, argued on the one hand that all of Jesus’ prophecies were fulfilled in the first century AD; or on the other hand, that a one World Government was coming after the church is no longer to be relevant in this world, because the church will have been caught up and removed. This dispute subsided in recent years for a growing lack of interest. Neither side had convinced the other.

◦ Other views have been presented, but still no visible winner is presented within the study of eschatology, and all the while the world advances toward the Revelation scenario.

◦ So now as the church has been unable to explain our future, the world is doing it for us, and we are confronted with the actual structure that will bring this system about, and it’s evil is virtually bringing men into subjection to Satan. His time, seems to be fully in view, but is not limited to the prophesied seven year tribulation period.

Eventually, we might ask what this bent toward evil actually is, which we are now seeing lead our world today? And what is the deception taking over our world even though the Church is very much here?

If you know nothing of the New Age movement and it’s movement toward the 5th dimension then you should church it out. If you don’t dig into the left leaning agenda that is behind the new world order and trans humanism then you will have a difficult time understanding your times.

Today we are dealing with a world gone mad being led by world leaders believing that they are becoming gods in a 5th light dimension, providing eternal life. And at the same time we deal with a church lacking spiritual discernment.

This 5th dimension is not a scriptural answer to evil although it is spiritual, and in fact though it could have a seeking aspect, the god it seeks advise from is not the creator God of the Bible. What they seek definitely has an attachment to the god of this this world. They propose a new consciousness, interestingly the new age purveyors beginning with Helena Blavatsky have for a long time dealt with a coming rise in consciousness, an age now called the age of Aquarius, 5th dimension higher spiritual consciousness is very much apart of this rise of a more palatable form of Satanism.