Have you noticed that though congress could not silence Majorie Taylor Green, yet they could deflect her efforts to be an influence on legislation making those efforts non effective.

Thus what Trump is attempting to do with MAGA candidates is to bring about a change in congress where the people once again become first in legislation, and big business is put back in its place. The place of Business is not to buy favorable legislation as it now does, but instead to have input as do others effected by our laws.

If MAGA candidates are not elected in numbers large enough to make positive change returning supply chains and creating advantage for American corporations in our own market, as well as on the world market, and primarily on our workers; then there is no way to remove the good old boy network in Congress short of revolution. Since that will not happen we will continue to decline as a country.

Todays shared video hints at what I’m saying here, but it is obvious that one or two candidates with a Marjorie Taylor Greene attitude, will not change America. They can only alert us to the need to elect a majority of these types in order to provide a future for your kids and grandkids and mine.