Consider when the Democratic Party abandons the working class as they obviously are doing today, then there must be a very good reason. These voters were for decades the mainstay of support for the Democratic party, and suddenly this party no longer thinks that this abandonment of their voters in any way matters. There must be an ace in the hole. What might that be?

If poles no longer matter to a political party who does whatsoever they wish irregardless of public desires; then they no longer fear the power of the vote. We have always heard that elections matter — what if they don’t? The Fact is our votes are in the charge of elected officials, but that charge, which is confided in them has been usurped by the computerization of: the voting rolls, and the vote itself, and of course even includes machines to tally the vote.

Mark Finchem from Arizona’s legislature has introduced in Arizona a house concurrent resolution 2033, which calls for setting aside the election in several counties in Arizona because the cat is now out of the bag. This resolution has been enacted to overturn in Arizona the 2020 election.

The Legislature in every state by constitution has plenary authority to choose the time, the place and over-site of elections. This authority was usurped by The Executive Branch this past election season in many states, but not only in Arizona. It happened in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and other states across America.

Mail in ballots are tracked by computer. Those mailed out to voters are tracked. These mailings are known by name and address of registered voters on record. Those ballots not returned are known by name and address. This is then the vehicle providing all the information needed to create fraudulent ballots. These come out generated as computer printouts.

Additionally there are corrupted electronic voter rolls, which have not been purged. Names are not purged from these rolls, therefore even more ballots will not be returned thus adding to the names and addresses available to create these fraudulent ballots. The 2000 Mules film has shown the result of a sinister Deep State operating in key counties across this country using this very information to steal the 2020 election.

This knowledge comes to us thanks to one Donald Trump. Had there not been the 2016 ground swell for him, followed by the total hatred of him by the deep state during his administration; then no one would have questioned the unlikely and unacceptable result seen to occur in the last election in 2020.

The Biden administration having been the recipients of the steal, now is seen operating with impunity, having no restraints whatsoever, knowing full well that there will never need to be another election where they must actually win over the voter in order to win re-election.

The Democrats and fake Republican (RINO’s) know that the elections are rigged and they are no longer responsible to the legitimate voter. 61% of the American voters know that the vote in 2020 was stolen. These voters may well stop voting over time as they see that the vote is rigged and that people are elected irrespective of the desirability of the candidates themselves. This will almost be assured as they continue seeing that nothing will happen to these thieves. This is how this country will have no say in its continued advance toward communism, unless that is we insist that voting be strictly done on Election Day without machine involvement, and only with requested by registered voter absentee ballots.

We can no longer allow these systems to stand in opposition to freedom. All that is needed for complete take over in this upcoming 2022 election is another crisis complete with lockdowns.