The Bible speaks of governments in terms of animals, lions bears leopards and ten horned beasts. Some say that the United States is nowhere mentioned in prophecy. Some say that the US meets the criteria spoken of in Revelation for Babylon the great.

So, what do I think? In chapter seven of Daniel we see the consummation of our times as the Son of God takes dominion over the earth. Throughout that chapter we see dominions spoken of, dominions that Jesus will come back to rule over. What is interesting is that these dominions represented by animals are the same End Time players we see in Revelation, and in Revelation they are the one world government seen at the end of the age. Both Daniel and Revelation deal with these same End Time events.

So who are these animals and nations? They are the bear, the lion with eagles wings, the leopard with 4 heads and fouls wings, and the ten horned beast. I believe what we are seeing is Russia the bear, the British commonwealth of nations the lion, with The United States (the Eagles wings) which in Daniel are plucked from the Lion just as we have seen our departure from England, then we have the middle eastern Arab nations as in the Leopard, And finally the European economic community seems to be the ten horned beast.

All of these same animals (nations) are seen as being present in the beast of Revelation 13:2, except for the Eagles wings, and they are seen protecting The Woman Israel in chapter 12, just as the US has done ever since Israel’s inception in 1948. But, here is what we know, at some point during the Tribulation Israel’s protection ceases. The actual status of the US following that is unknown. I should suggest that her fate is probably not good, because only those who bless Israel are blessed. So what actually happens to the US? I can only tell you that there are nations who will remain beyond the time of the Lord’s taking dominion. The nations who remain will not be part of Revelations beast.

Will the US be one of those remaining dominions? — only time will tell. But what we are seeing take place in the US Government is frankly appalling. The US no longer supports God’s plan for humankind. We support gender mutilation; destroying babies in the womb; Hitler type experimentation on the weakest of human society; we do little to stop drug trafficking and in the Democrat way we actually promote its spread with their border policies; human trafficking is advanced in much the same way; we fund bio weapons labs outside of this country, because the research begun here has been made illegal; we are the largest exporter of pornography; we are now seeing strong evidence of stolen elections in this country; our Christian nation status is no longer desired by our government, nor in my opinion is it deserved. But my opinion is not what counts, what does God think:

Revelation 22:15 Outside are the do, the sorcerers, the sexually immoral persons, the murderers, the idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices lying. (NASB2020)

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Words are powerful, use them well. Not mine, not yours, but only God’s truth matters.