How often do we hear that voter fraud is a hoax. You know —you hear it from all the woke listeners and they certainly DON’T hear otherwise from their favorite media. That’s right — we know that they no longer report the news. But things are happening; certainly more slowly than we may want. The News today exists strictly for either socialist politics and one world government; or for conservative politics and Nationalized government. These are the narratives promoted in todays news. They are also the narratives impacting todays church.

If you love your woke family and friends you have to bombard them with the real facts such as those raised by this podcast that I share today. If you share these messages that I share with you; then you are also sharing my site, which contains salvation and biblically inspired prophetic messages. Last year this site had over 19,500 reads. I don’t ask for money, I only ask God to bless what He wants from this site.

And I pray His blessings upon you. I thank you for reading and only ask you to help spread what you are impressed by God to spread.

Election Fraud, Elon Musk, and the Epic Failure of COVID Lockdowns with Tom Fitton – The Charlie Kirk Show –