Is God involved in what is happening on the Abortion issue? Is He again making clear man’s freedom to choose his morality.

Is it true, that anyone who embraces a set of morals will not really allow that they completely tolerate the morals of others without first adopting them. This i believe is Biblical. Modern Society in the west is no different, on the whole it will tolerate the rights of other human beings to live within a given set of societal norms, which they agree upon; and which will then translate into societal laws), and which then governs the freedom boundaries of individuals in that society. So then that society is espousing a form of right and wrong equaling to their form of religion and morals? The United States did this at its founding. From there it has and is evolving toward the acceptance of a new set of morals.

I think that in order to be at first successful in the creation of a civil society that most must be centrist to their own values, with some few on the right or left of the norm. They then are espousing their own concept of religions right and wrong for their society, but there are always outlier’s, who don’t completely agree. They are to the right and left; though not necessarily in a strict biblical sense. They are constantly battling against the norm. Yet they follow the biblical pattern. They are free to believe what they want.

This nations center was once Christian. It’s laws were biblically based, this seems to have been the goal of those who established the Bill of Rights, and Constitution.

So now to my real question. Does the Bible not allow each man/women the freedom to choose his or her own way; while at the same time seeing God ultimately hold them individually responsible for their choices?

As I am coming to see it, it is the believers responsibility to live before others a life of witness to the power of the blood of Christ to change a life no matter in what nation they live. It is not our responsibility to tell others in what ever nation how to live their life, but only to make them aware of the gift God offers, and the judgment to come. We are to warn them of what is to come, but we cannot legislate the Bible’s morality on a society which either has no biblical basis or has over time moved to Right or left of center, and therefore are unwilling to agree with us on what is the Biblical or moral position with their laws. Jesus Himself did not attempt to change the laws of either Rome or Israel. But we must not forget that He was the law giver. He is the word made flesh. He did offer salvation, without the acceptance of which, man will be judged worthy of hell. He did offer further explanation of God’s law and purpose. Part of our mission is to inform. Are we then to force our chosen ways, His ways, on mankind, even a mankind seemingly gone mad? We cannot stop telling man about sin and the consequences thereof. But man will choose his own destination, and that seems to be the destination gaining the support of the herd today in this country. Individually man chooses to believe or to not do so based on input. Even God gives him freedom to persecute those who are His own. Jesus said that: you, we will be persecuted. This day and time in this society is as I have stated before on the precipice of becoming a society which cares nothing for the God of the Bible.

If this is the case Gods people who are a minority in such a society will suffer persecution. In such a society the persons pointing back at that society’s origins will be scoffed at, and ridiculed.

Donald Trump was one among those left of center. As soon as he started moving in actions back toward this country’s founding principles he became a most hated man. Biden moved in an opposite direction over time, and became a radical left of center politician simply because it was popular.

The left is totally up in arms at the moment over the Abortion issue. They will likely again take to the streets. The left has turned the courts and the executive branch (each) into a legislative body. The US Congress had never passed a bill legalizing abortion. They will now try.

We have a left accepting society because this society has chosen to view the Bible and God much differently than did the founding fathers of this nation. We are here as a witness to them of God’s desire to change their life as He has our own. This because a just God will not let men destroy themselves without proper warning. God is all about Grace, mercy and choice. He is a just judge. We are to be salt and light.

Put on your whole armor, for the day it is evil.