I first ran into these terms when dealing with the law and with contracts as I was introduced to this field as a part of my introduction to Insurance. Our Government and its CDC has just been found guilty in court of such actions in regard to mandates concerning mask usage. Here is the definition telling us what that actually means by definition in the law.

“Arbitrary and Capricious means doing something according to one’s will or caprice and therefore conveying a notion of a tendency to abuse the possession of power.”

So much of what our government is telling us to do these days is not based upon science or upon the rule of law, but solely upon the political will of the party not necessarily in power, but in possession of the media narrative and thus of the narrative which translates to power over us as to what we should think as well as be allowed to do.

A Judge this week was brave enough to allow us to see just how this concept as used by our government has worked against us. Those who can’t see this as justice are simply blinded by politics.