Interestingly Bible Students, and teachers have for a long time known that the time on earth would grow difficult for mankind due to the loosing of Satan upon mankind, but the truth seems always tempered in some way for the believer.

One theory is that God actually controls it all, and therefore Satan even though loosed is still bound by God. That being the case just how bad can it get anyway?

Another Theory is simply that God will remove His people from the earth before this really demonic attack on earth is allowed by God to overtake mankind. And even then the attack that comes is God’s doing it’s His wrath that occurs against mankind.

A third theory is that God will protect His people right here on the earth until He comes.

Somehow each of these theories overlook what Scripture tells us that we actually see coming to pass. What scripture sees coming is not a positive thing not for God’s people and certainly not for mankind who are without Christ. What makes this so negative for those in the throes of Satanic control is the hatred spewed out by what scripture calls Satan’s wrath, not God’s.

The thinking of men who possess the worlds riches has evolved, as it is now evidenced, and that evolution has not been in the direction of God, but as is stated in scripture they are engrossed under Satanic influence.

Very few believers today can visualize a world given over to Satanic control as the scripture depicts our world. A world which is becoming a testing ground for every believers faith.

When the year 2000 was quickly approaching believers got nervous this could be the time when systems and economies collapse. It didn’t happen, and we went back to sleep. But in 20 years things became much worse in America then any economic collapse could bring about. Pure evil has erupted on earth as Satan’s hoards are unleashed against God and man.

We are seeing evil attack in unprecedented fashion in the form of drugs; child sex slaves; sex trafficking; pornography; Satan worship; Gender dysphoria; we are seeing the cancellation of any form of common sense; stolen elections; farmland being purchased by our enemies, and by the rich of this world, who wish to bring on depopulation. We see inflation and well we see fulfilled prophecy. We see ourselves being ruled by a godless master in this nation; surrounded by like minded purveyors of deceit. We see a new world order on the horizon, and we know where it all leads.

And at the same time we see a flawed church in many ways incapable of calling a spade a spade; unwilling to point out the truth of mankind’s sin; and unwilling to promote the gospel of deliverance from that sin. Christ is preached, but God is not worshiped in Spirit and in truth as Jesus told us would be the case.

Truth concerning sin and deliverance is necessary in order to see oneself properly, in order to be contrite before a fearsome and awesome God; and truth is very necessary before one can even begin to understand just how much that God did love him or her. Worshiping in Spirit and truth may cost us even as it did our savior, but without it, without the holiness it produces one will not see God, and without sight and hearing one cannot be saved.

It is the truth about God and oneself that will set one free. The attached is worth consideration: