I was listening to Jan Markell as she interviewed a couple of pastors today concerning the coming digital currency which looms near on our horizon. The video is attached for your listening. But, I was struck by the thought that words in scripture have meaning. Often that meaning is lost on us because someone has created unbiblical words which take on a doctrinal meaning in an attempt to explain the words in scripture. Problem is these explanatory words take on a greater importance than the scriptural words that they are meant to explain.

The one word that was used in passing in this video is imminent. The word means impending or overhanging. It was applied to the second coming of Jesus by theologians who could not make sense of the scripture’s depiction of those coming events which are leading to His being right here on this earth with us. Consequently preachers have been preaching for at least one hundred years that the Lord could come back imminently at any moment, and one would think that that message and the word itself was given directly by Jesus and the disciples to hear them tell it.

But what the misuse of this word has actually done was to mask the real message given concerning Jesus’ coming. Atheist’s love to take off on the teaching of an imminent coming. They ridicule our naivety — thinking that Jesus taught His coming for that generation, and yet He has not yet come. Jesus promised Gods kingdom in that very day, which is, of course, spiritual and it He promised to be imminent for that generation. The coming of Jesus to earth and His millennial kingdom was also a known event to take place on a given day at the end of a Great Tribulation. That’s how He taught it. A day which at that time only the Father knew. It was Jesus statement that He spoke only what the Father told Him, and the day was not to be made known at that time by Him, and He was not told that day. But that day is pointed to throughout scripture using signs concerning the preceding Tribulation. Not the date of that day is a known, but the time is well signed, and we can see it coming, because all of those signs point to the last Tribulation and the greatest Tribulation to ever happen on earth. His coming is only imminent when we actually observe the events of that day.