I totally agree with the need for God to deal with the evil in our land. Some among us have well analyzed the need for this understanding. We also know that these evil individuals will not escape God’s prosecution for their deeds, but the when and the how is an issue.

One thing concerning me right now is the condition of the church in this our day. There is virtually no obvious concern or apparent need on the part of most pastors to sermonize concerning the evils of our day. Why is that? Very few church pastors will even talk about the dangers presenting itself to our young people in this our day, why is that? And except for the prophets that are mentioned in my title, and they are not warning of any danger, but instead they are telling us that God is about to deliver us, who are mostly a church that for all intents knows nothing of our even being In danger from this grave evil. If most of our pastors don’t know that we are in danger how can their people call out to God in repentance? Will God heal this land for a Laodicean church?

I have listened to many of these prophecies, some of which others have sent me. One thing that disturbed me about what they were saying was the inconsistencies— even though all seemed to agree that Trump would be President. The timelines differed and some of what was said did not come to pass as it was claimed, so there were changes in some of their messages. They did not all agree on the details. Those were just some red flags. But there is a definite story told in scripture in quite some detail concerning the condition and the signs surrounding the time just before Jesus would return.

This I think leads to one concern that I have with a main ingredient in the prophets claims. It being that “What we see happening today is a premature attempt apparently by Satan to bring in the Tribulation.” The problem with this is that Satan has no idea about just when it will be that God will see fit to remove the restraint off of him in order for him to indulge his fantasy of declaring himself to be God. And then another problem that is associated with this involves the prophesied total destruction of all this evil, which if it happens will mean that the entire world that is left will know that God has delivered it from this evil after it as prophesied would be destroyed. The resultant deliverance and the accompanying revival would be one of the greatest occurrences to have happened with man himself in the entire history of mankind. Christ’s coming being greater of course. Yet, there is nothing mentioned of this in the prophetic scripture? Would not this kind of revival preceding that coming deserve a word from God in His book? — is this what we would expect from God? Does any of this even resemble what Jesus did tell us was coming? Does it resemble what Daniel was told concerning the future of mankind leading to Jesus coming? We need to decide what all this means from God’s perspective, and pray for His understanding, not man’s and certainly not our own.